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Rachel Topham specializes in documenting artworks and spaces, as well as preparing digital image files for press. Rachel received her BFA in Photography from Ryerson University in 2004 and in 2006 was part of the first cohort to graduate from Ryerson University and George Eastman House with an MA in Photographic Preservation and Collections Management. During her time as a student she was recognized for her academic and technical achievements by receiving an Ontario Graduate Scholarship, the Edward S. Rogers Graduate Scholarship, and a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Grant. In 2008 she was hired as a photographer for the Vancouver Art Gallery where she worked for over a decade creating signature images of artworks, with a specialization in installation photography. Since 2018 Rachel has been operating as an independent photographer and digital image preparation technician. Her most recent publications include:

Ayumi Goto and Peter Morin : how do you carry the land?
(Vancouver : Vancouver Art Gallery. 2018)

Dana Claxton
(Vancouver : Figure 1 Publishing, Vancouver : Vancouver Art Gallery, 2018)

Rebecca Belmore, March 5, 1819
(Ottawa : Carleton University Art Gallery, St John's : The Rooms, Hamilton : McMaster Museum of Art, 2018)

Floating Among Phantoms
(Vancouver : Evergreen Cultural Centre, 2018)

Cabin Fever
(Vancouver : Information Office, Vancouver : Vancouver Art Gallery, 2018)

To refuse / To wait / To sleep
(Vancouver : Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery. 2017)

Harry Callahan: The Street
(London : Black Dog Publishing, Vancouver : Vancouver Art Gallery. 2016)

Unscrolled: Reframing Tradition in Chinese Contemporary Art. 
Artists: Ai Weiwei, Chen Shaoxiong, Ji Yunfei, Liu Jianhua, Jennifer Wen Ma, MadeIn Company, Qiu Shihua, Sun Xun, Xu Bing and Zhang Enli
(London : Black Dog Publishing, Vancouver : Vancouver Art Gallery. 2015)

Geoffrey Farmer’s The Surgeon and The Photographer. 
(Vancouver : Vancouver Art Gallery. 2015)

Douglas Coupland's Everywhere is Anywhere is Anything is Everything. 
(London : Black Dog Publishing, Vancouver : Vancouver Art Gallery. 2014)
Private Photography and Digital Preparation clients include: 
Information Office
Equinox Gallery
Studio Blackwell
Catriona Jeffries Gallery
Evergreen Cultural Centre
Access Gallery
Griffin Art Projects
Jin-me Yoon
Art Canada Institute
Dulwich Picture Gallery
Museum of Fine Arts Houston
Art Gallery of Ontario
Morris and Helen Belkin Gallery
The Rooms
City of Vancouver
Nature’s Path
Bnode Architects
Terris Lightfoot Contracting Ltd.
Other Sites
McMaster Museum of Art
Carleton University Art Gallery